About our car wash brushes.


Morelite car wash brushes are specifically designed for different types of wash-systems.  These brushes for car washing are mostly made for:

-Roll-over or tunnel car wash installations.

-truck and bus washing gantries.

-train and tram washing.

In addition to these more common and widespread, there are many other special applications for Morelite car wash brushes, such as professional machinery for solar panel cleaning.


Innovation and technology


Discover the variety of our car wash brushes and the their very high level of technology.

Each Morelite product is studied in detail to achieve maximum efficiency and reliability.

The use of the most advanced technologies is essential for us.

Discover here the soul of our car wash brushes.


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  • Australia
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Morelite® foam brushes have been designed to perform on any machine: electromechanical, electro-pneumatic or electronic. The incredible performance of Morelite® allows you to keep the original gearmotors. A substantial saving of time and money.


Quick delivery

Expert operators and unique machinery are resulting in quick manufacturing lied time. A twice-a-day trucking service is ensuring fast delivery time all over the world.


360° Flexibility

Well-coordinated human resources ensure a precious degree of flexibility. Thanks to advanced programs, even sudden orders are incorporated into the everyday routine without any difficulty, for the pleasure of our customers.