Wheel washing discs




Created to be different in design and results. It’s beautiful and efficient and can wash up to a diameter of 500 mm (over 19 1/2 inches. A winning weapon with wedge-shaped bristles that penetrate deeper and more. TAO was designed by Morelite® to be unique in its kind and remains a milestone in wheel brushes evolution.



Born for car wash units on which it’s impossible to use wheel brushes Ø 18”. The structure of such old machines lives no room for many options. It is a valid instrument, having perpendicular double protrusion bristles. Tireless and very robust.



SIMPLY INCREDIBLE. Only Morelite®  could invent a variable geometry wheel washer disc.    A fully modular disc with convex bristles (new in the wheel-cleaning brushes) improves the penetration between the spokes during rotation. Light, agile, easy to assemble, a real “ageless” record that can be fitted both on modern machines and the 90s!!!!

The four washing modules, are spaced apart to make strategic room for the bending of the bristles during their performance in both rotation senses. THE EXPANDABLE DIAMETER GOES FROM A MINIMUM OF     520 mm UP TO 560mm (i.e. 22true inches).


Nothing will be as before!

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