The Istobal car wash has been working satisfactorily for 8 years, but after numerous washes, the brushes are worn and discoloured. Richard van Groningen, the new branch manager of Biemond Carwash in Aalsmeer: ​​“These had to be replaced. The old light blue and dark blue brush colours were no longer inviting, so we decided to revamp all brushes in the car wash. At the end, we opted for the MORELITE brand material and ordered it from Ron de Wit of “MORELITE NETHERLANDS.” “our choice was the fresh colour-combination Light Blue and Light Green

Furthermore, immediately with the replacement of the brushes, we have chosen to insert new LED lights in the car wash within a short time. All this will lead to a much fresher appearance and a better qualitative perception for the customer of the tunnel.

For the new set-up we have chosen to no longer use the material of the textile brush, but to replace it with the foam. We have seen small and light scratches on the cars caused by the fabric laces, especially on the rear bumpers. Since our nearby Mercedes dealer Gomes is a major customer of our car wash and polishing department, we have made that decision. ”


Ron de Wit: “In an electric car wash, foam offers several advantages over textile wash material. It washes more gently, and is lasting for longer. The foam can be used on any non-hydraulic car wash. The brushes are custom made by MORELITE with an impeccable connection to any type of brush tube. On demand we can also supply the brush tubes. ”

The drying brush unit consists of 1 top brush and 2 side brushes. The whole is placed after the blowing unit.