Still wanted mainly in the trucks sector, Morefil is available in traditional colors and measures. Its structure and constituent materials are able to satisfy the expectations, providing the best in its category.



The Titan brushes are made entirely by automatic machines. A flawless electronic welding makes sure that the bristle become integral part of the backing structure for the entire life of the brush.

Infallible electronic system


An infallible electronic system, counts and welds the same amount of wires into each hole.
Here’s how we get a perfectly balanced bristle element.
Polyethylene is very sensitive to ultraviolet in itself. Storage in shady and far from important heat sources (flames …) is recommended.
Given the “forced” exposure to sunlight, Morefil® is added with anti UV substances. The colors have been chosen among the most resistant pigments available on the market.



A soft plumage, regular on all the tips, helps the thread to leave less traces on the delicate water-based paints. Molecular toughness, color stability, and softness are 100% achieved goals.
The bristles used in the Morefil® line contain additives that protect them from premature aging caused by ultraviolet rays.
What are the effects of UV rays
Atmospheric conditions and exposure to ultraviolet rays cause the premature aging of polyethylene, breaking its molecular chain. This phenomenon manifests itself as the progressive loss of mechanical characteristics (toughness and elasticity) and the presence of surface chalking that dulls the colors.

How can you define and measure this aging?


The percentage of residual tenacity is defining the aging degree. When this value drops to 50% of its original magnitude, the fibre is defined as damaged. This value is universally accepted. Tenacity is measured by testing the force necessary to break the fibre by traction (breaking load).

To reproduce the real conditions of working in a laboratory.

Anyway, a so-called WOM (Weather–O-Meter)testing method can simulate and maintain the desired lighting, temperature and humidity conditions.

Unique distribution system


Look at the unique distribution system!

The difference


We follow the form while the others go up the steps.

Also available in POLYAMIDE.

Shape cutting


TITAN brushes are also available in shape cutting for special purposes in train and tank washing systems.

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