More efficiency


A new patented belt brushes system, that allows washing industry to adapt the brushes to the car, along with its criteria, providing better results, behaviour, machine lifetime, cleaning of the vehicle.

The brush flags are FASTENED (not pressed) in housings that keep them in radial position.

The Morelite® system is the only one in the world that allows to hold the washing tools as a hand holds a paintbrush.

More viva


The brush stress is conveyed from the strings to the root. A crippled or clamped root will KILL the washing energy on that point.

The Morelite® system uses large based flags, like the rest of its own structure and the cut of the strings is an integral part of the whole. A project inspired by the working mechanism of a fishing rod, where the energy flows ALIVE within the structure.

More active together


In a conical object every section (from the bottom to the top) is smaller than the previous. The VIVA strings go in, wash and come out ALWAYS unharmed.

On the contrary traditional fringes usually get stuck in the wheel slots and it breaks them.*

Thanks to their conical section our strings merge and stay active all together.

…just like bristle brushes.

More control


The information management between the brush and the PLC is a very serious matter and it’s the key to the machine control system.

Brushes with spaghetti-like string cut form structures without any nerves and are not able to detect obstacles within acceptable time intervals. Signals sent to the PLC can be sudden, misinterpreted or sent with too much delay. So we usually assist to unstable brushes that, looking for an optimal distance from the vehicle, damage everything protruding.

On this matter the VIVA brushes by Morelite® are the best you can find.

More tailoring


TAILORING at 360 °

Multi-colored trim elements and logo engraving are available at no extra charge.

More care


More care of the product so you can leave it in stock for long periods. It remains intact and without folds even after years.

Travel overseas, in containers, without deforming.

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