The history of Morelite® has distant roots, which begin in 1972, when Dino Bernardi started his business in the car wash world. In over 40 years of activity, he has designed and engineered most of the car wash brushes still on the market and adopted by the largest companies worldwide. After years of experience and improvement in the car wash brush sector, in 2013, with two other friends, he founded Morelite. The second member of the team is Edoardo Chiaruzzi, a San Marino entrepreneur attracted by the ambitious goals of this young company. The team is completed with Fabrizio Mortolini, already an entrepreneur in the world of car wash, with thirty years of experience in the sale of car wash systems and a deep technical knowledge of automatic car and heavy vehicle washing systems.




“Only by investing in technology can such important and improved results be obtained”
These Dino’s words, well summarize the motto of Morelite®: nothing will be as before.
The company is constantly looking for cutting-edge technologies to create high-performance brushes for car washes, resistant to time and compatible with any type of washing equipment. Morelite® car wash brushes are easy to assemble and require no maintenance.The Morelite® world offers a solution for every need:

  • Modern car wash brushes in foamed material with patented shapes: silent, drip-free, delicate on paints and extremely efficient.
  • Traditional bristles brushes for cleaning trucks, buses and trains;
  • The innovative variable geometry wheel washer discs;
  • Moresol ® brushes, a fantastic instrument for washing the delicate surfaces of the solar panels of latest generation.

At MORELITE® we will offer solutions to questions of any level in the field of automatic car washing brushes.




Our goal is to contribute to the improvement of the car wash world, following our vocation for innovation and technology. This is what we do every day, through the study of processes to optimize the final result and obtain brushes for car wash that do not fear comparisons!

Achieving this goal has not been an easy job. Precisely for this reason we continue with commitment to improve the results already achieved in the sector of car wash brushes. The love for technology and innovation guide us on our path of continuous growth. The result orientation and absolute quality allow us to confirm ourselves as world leaders in the sector of brushes for car washing systems.




Dino, Edoardo and Fabrizio have decided to surround themselves with a young and professional staff. Morelite® is a young company: the average age of its employees is 24 years old! young but highly qualified staff able to design and produce high performance and reliable car wash brushes.The quality of Morelite car wash brushes is also guaranteed by the use of the highest quality raw materials that Morelite staff knows how to work perfectly to produce simply perfect car wash brushes.

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