Shape by Morelite®

Morelite® is contributing to the Car Wash World

Morelite - Brushes for carwash machines Perfect brushes for perfect shapes

It had been a while since the solution was in the air.
Then …… the idea! Brilliant, how simple: the “SHAPE” cut.


Morelite® applies the SHAPE® cut on its own brushes. The only ones in “foam”, fixed on a mobile support, slant- tailor cut.

Morelite®is contributing to the Car Wash World.


Above: The part of the brush that touches first, will take the control and send signals from the 3 central sectors.


Bottom: the contact occurs between 5 sectors and the vehicle; the signals are more effective and the hug is almost total before pressing.


SHAPE® is a registered trademark of Morelite SpA and its characteristics are our property.